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Temporary Address

Monday, August 31, 2015

Ask Molly

Today's letter comes from Phoenix, Arizona. Tabby le Catt writes:

Dear Molly,

I have been reading Wishcraft,  a very informative book by Barbara Sher. Barbara says that we are all geniuses, and that we should discover our talents and share them with the world.
I am a beautiful cat. (See picture below.)

While some cats would be content to lie around being beautiful, and to  allow humans to pet us and feed us, that is not enough for me. I have been pursuing my love of painting.  Some of the local cats have been posing for me, and I am quickly becoming quite an accomplished artist. BUT soon after I started painting, my human has been doing a most insane and cruel thing to me. He has been GIVING ME A BATH. Cats do not like baths!!!!! What is with that????

Sincerely Tabby le Catt

p.s. I have enclosed some of my masterpieces in case any art critics read your blog and are interested in displaying them in their studio.


Dear  Tabby,
You have inadvertently painted a picture of a skunk - an honest mistake. I have mistaken a skunk for a cat myself. However,  whenever we come in smelling of skunk, humans get their knickers in a twist, and immediately start yelling, and pouring tomato juice all over us, and bathing us until we are soaked and half drowned. I have protested many times to my human about the inhumanity of bathing dogs (and cats) but to no avail.



p.s. The skunk is the white-striped subject, and, in my opinion, your finest effort so far. Keep up the good work, but avoid black and white animals.